When love does not run smooth course

DH News Service, S Viswanath, Mar 3 2018, 01:19 IST

Purported to be inspired by a real life incident, Preethiya Raayabhari by director Muthu, is a routine romance where lovers path is not a primrose one, but strewn with thorns.

Spotlighting on how a cupid struck couples blissful romance and a public-spirited youths well-intended aspiration, is rent asunder by a group of rowdy ruffians, set upon them by powerful self-centred masters from behind, forms the pith of Preethiya Raayabhari.

The film revolves around Ravi, an idealist youth, with a masters in agriculture science in his kitty, aspiring to do some good work for the welfare of his village and well-being of its folks, turning it into a self-sustaining one.

Ravi, in due course, falls in love with city lass Nandini.

Their romance runs on smooth rail, until the arrival of the hoodlums. Ravis public-spirited activities and his romance with Nandini is resented by political and powerful forces of the village who make the lovebirds life miserable.

How the two strive to overcome all odds stacked against them and face societal pressures that drives a wedge, is shown in a mundane fashion by Muthu.

Played by newbies Nakul and Anjana Deshpande, Muthus film, despite honest intentions, suffers from abject directorial values, where high decibel melodrama and asinine comedic tracks turn it into an insufferable affair. Brimming with regular hero building scenes of fights and chases and daring dialogues, the film is caught in tsunami of commercial claptrap turning into one a regular revenge and heartbreak drama, than a soulful, entertaining mushy romance.

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