Vroom into the '80s

Nina C George, DH News Service, Mar 9 2018, 00:22 IST
Karthik Jayaram

Here's a film that one should watch out for. 'Aa Karala Ratri', touted as a crime-thriller takes one back in time to life in 1980s. The story is woven around an incident that takes place in a house in a village.

Actor Karthik Jayaram plays the lead character - Channa. The actor says that he enjoyed every bit of literally living the character. "Thea story starts when I visit my house in the village. The story is about what happens overnight. The dialogues, relation between the characters and the costumes have been conceptualised in a unique way," explains Karthik, who says that he has never played a character like this before.

The spotlight is on one man and his actions. Karthik points out that he enjoyed portraying the character but found it very challenging to showcase the life from the 1980s. The actor has also undergone a makeover of sorts. "The hairstyle and costumes are the most attractive parts. I have grown a different style of moustache and sport sidelocks. Effort has been made to ensure that the shirt and trousers fall in line with the dressing sense of the 80s," says Karthik. He says that the smallest of details were looked into and perfected. "The shirt's collar is kept long and the colours are bright. The trousers are equally colourful the and bell-bottom finish adds to the charm of the character. Even the sunglasses that I wear have a different shape. I don't think you get those anymore. You shouldn't miss the shoes that round and come with heels," he adds.

The film is directed by Dayal Padmanabhan and written by Naveen Krishna and Dayal. The other actors in the film are Anupama Gowda, Rangayana Raghu and Veena Sundar. When asked about Karthik's pair in the film, he says "We don't have the concept of pairing and even the romantic scenes have been dealt with in a different manner. There is romance, action and thrilling elements - all woven in the right measure," he signs off.

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