'Instrumental music is more imaginative'

Tini Sara Anien, DH News Service, Jan 11 2018, 23:31 IST
Sanjay Kumar

Solo artiste Sanjay Kumar started his tryst with music as an eight-year-old when he was training in Carnatic music and learned to play the keyboard. He wanted to explore much more, his interests moved to rock music and he started playing the guitar soon. After being a part of several bands, he is now a member of the 'Raghu Dixit Project' while he explores his own music through his instrumental solo project 'Foi'. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, Sanjay talks about his world of music.

How did your interest in music develop?

After my training in music, I remember being part of college bands and winning various competitions across the country. I got attached to music and before I knew it I was producing electronic music. I set a studio up and was working with music before I knew that I wanted more.

Tell us about your solo project.

I love working with people. That's how 'Foi' came into the picture. 'Foi' means faith in French and it revolves around themes that are connected to faith. I write all the music, record it and do gigs with sessions musicians. I produced an album in this project which was released recently.

What is the album about?

The album was called 'Faith' and has eight tracks in it. Some of the tracks in the movie are 'Balance', 'Battles', 'Trenches', 'Gaps' and 'Freedom'. My songs were inspired by an artwork, which showed a person walking on a thread towards the sun. My music is left to the listener's imagination and does not stick to rigid parameters. Instrumental music is more imaginative.

Do you like recording music or performing live?

I really like creating and recording tracks. I find this very fulfilling. But, the energy at a live act is infectious.

What is your favourite kind of music?

I work with folk music in one project, metal music in my project and have also worked on movie tracks. It would be really hard to pick a favourite. I love listening to certain artistes. My choice in music varies according to my mood. Raghu Dixit is my favourite artiste in the country. In the international music scene, I love Ed Sheeran and 'Foo Fighters'.

Has your music changed over the years?

I believe that all the experiences I have had over the years have affected my music. All the people I met and things I have seen over years have rendered their own touch to my creations. The more you work with an instrument the more proficient your music becomes.

What usually inspires you?

I drawn inspiration from things around. I listen to music and get inspired.

What is the last track you heard?

'Catalyst' by Linkin Park.

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