'Healthy competition keeps us going'

Nina C George, DH News Service, Jan 4 2018, 21:39 IST
Gauri and Nainika Karan.

Though armed with a degree in Economics, sisters Gauri and Nainika Karan, discovered pretty early on in life that their calling lay in fashion. They wasted no time in launching their label, 'Gauri and Nainika' and churning out designs that not only have a playful and youthful spirit about them but unfailingly trigger a trend of sorts.

The designer duo has dressed up possibly every actor from Sonakshi Sinha, Deepika Padukone and Bipasha Basu and have them swear by their garments. In the city recently for the 'Blenders Pride Fashion Tour', Gauri, took time off to chat with Nina C George about their inspiration and what keeps them going.

Tell us about your latest collection...

Our latest line is an amalgamation of romantic dresses and playful rompers with hints of embellishments. The styles are exceedingly suave and full of prints in 'flowy-floaty' silhouettes in the softest subtlest pastel shades with highlights in brighter tones. Each outfit in the collection is a trend in itself.

How do you define fashion?

Fashion is inherent and it is more about style and how you carry yourself more than blindly following trends.

What prompted you and Nainika to work together?

Nainika and I are only a year apart, but we have grown up like twins and are kind of inseparable. We have always had the same thought process and shared the same likes and dislikes. Growing up, we were inspired by the same things. As children, we loved dressing up, so choosing a career in the fashion industry was a natural progression.

What inspires you both?

Thanks to our mother, we grew up watching some of the best Hollywood movies. We generously drew on the rich romance of Hollywood movies. So our label combines colour and styling to create feminine silhouettes. Some of our earlier works were inspired gardens, fashion during the 1942 war and subjects like global warming also find place in our work.

How would you describe your fashion sensibilities?

Our mantra is understated glamour. We don't like anything that is over the top or too much bling. We like making clothes that are a little understated but at the same time make a big statement.

Are you always under the pressure to create something original?

Yes. But we don't look at it as pressure because it challenges us. Our work is exciting, alive and not mundane because we are forced to think original and think different.

How do you keep pace with the competition?

The Indian fashion industry has changed a great deal from when we began in 2004. The designers, markets, consumers and the fashion sensibilities have evolved and are highly driven by what trending on social media. Our finish and workmanship are on a par with the Western brands. Healthy competition keeps us going.

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