It's on the cards

Surupasree Sarmmah, Dec 28 2017, 20:22 IST
Greeting cards are still a preferred way to send wishes for some Bengalureans.

A handwritten note, penning down personal wishes for you for the year ahead. Delightful isn't it?

Are those days passe? Not quite. In these days of forwarded messages and GIFs, the tradition of shopping for greeting cards has managed to survive. Although those who go for it are just a handful, they are doing their best to keep the good old days alive.

"Showing one's love and affection has become a perfunctory process today. With these instant messaging platforms, there is no personal touch to greetings. These days, wishing someone has become more of a formality. Having said that, times are changing now, many people are making an effort to do something intimate for their loved ones," says Trupti Sharma, a crafter.

"Putting in an effort to make someone a greeting card with personal messages can mean so much to the recipient. A gift can be an inexpensive but a thoughtful one. For New Year, one can also make fridge magnets and bookmarks if greeting cards are too mainstream," she adds.

About the importance of choosing greeting cards over SMS and GIFs, Snigdha Kemkar says, "I believe that if you have to say something to someone, you should say it with greeting cards. I have never restricted myself from giving cards to my loved ones. The most important thing about them is they have a personal touch. The handwritten cards instantly make one feel special, unlike the readymade emoticons and forwards."

She says that she has been preserving greeting cards for 25 years now, some of which date back to the 90s. "I have a small box where I have kept them and going through some of them makes me very nostalgic and emotional," she adds.

Parul Gupta, a scientist, says, "Greeting cards have been an integral part of my life. The feeling of sending and receiving a card during Christmas and New Year has a different charm altogether. Though it is slowly losing its sheen and is seen as old-fashioned, there are still many who look forward to greeting cards every year. It is something that people keep close to their hearts unlike the text messages, which go into the trash box after some time. People tend to send the same forward messages to everyone, which has no or little impact emotionally. A 10-word message for the New Year means more than a 30-word forwarded message."

Ramesh Chandiramani, the owner of Archies Gallery, says, "Most of the footfall for greeting cards are the elderly people. They send their wishes to their loved ones through cards. They often come to pick cards especially during Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day. However, when it comes to youngsters, they prefer gifting options for their friends and family."

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