'Samhaara' blends crime with comedy and romance

Nina C George, DH News Services, Feb 8 2018, 02:20 IST

Comedy-crime film 'Samhaara' is releasing on February 9. Its trailer has already won praise. It shows Chiranjeevi Sarja first as a visually impaired chef chopping vegetables and later featuring in a thrilling action sequence.

Kavya Shetty and Hariprriya play the female leads. Chikkanna, playing a cop, weaves comedy into a serious investigation.

Director and writer Guru Deshpande says he set out to make a film that would not only entertain people but also offer food for thought. Deshpande has earlier directed Yash in 'Raja Huli' (2013) and Yogesh in 'John Jani Janardhan' (2016). "Four characters throw light on socially relevant issues in the course of a revenge drama. Every character undergoes a transformation," he explains.

The director hopes the blend of action, comedy and romance will make 'Samhaara' an interesting watch.

Chiranjeevi Sarja
says, "In the first half, I portray a visually impaired chef. He undergoes a transformation in the second half after his vision is restored. I enjoyed
playing a chef because I love cooking in real life. So cutting, slicing and cooking came naturally to me. The challenging part was dealing with the fight
sequences as a visually impaired person. I had to tweak my expression and body language."

Kavya Shetty
says, "I play a journalist. I come across as an extremely playful, happy-go lucky girl. I didn't have to take any extra effort to play my part. There's
comedy, romance and a suspense element smuggled into the film. It's a
gripping story."

Hariprriya says, "I am the heroine and the villain. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the bad girl. My transformation from an innocent-looking girl to someone
with an agenda wasn't easy. I had to work on my expressions. I felt one with my character only after I got a hang of how to go about it."

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