'I could totally relate to my role'

Nina C George, DH News Service Jan 10 2018, 23:28 IST
Sruthi Hariharan

When actor Sruti Hariharan was offered the role of Rama Patil in 'Humble Politiciann Nogaraj' which is due to release on January 12, she grabbed it because she felt that it is the story of what every citizen experiences on a daily basis. In a chat with Nina C George, the actor talks about the making of the movie.

What impressed you about 'Humble Politiciann Nograj'?

The film is a political satire which addresses a lot of relevant issues such as corruption and the small scams that affect the overall development and progress of the city and the State at large. We all pay our taxes but noneof us seem to see the results of that. This is one of the many issues that the film explores.

Could you easily relate to your role?

I play the character of Rama Patil and she is the voice of reason in the film. Rama echoes the problems faced by ordinary people because of the corrupt practices. Rama decides to register her protest and make a change ratherthan just talk about it. I could totally relate to my role.

What did you like most about your character?

My role also has a streak of feminism to it. It throws light on how the urban woman of today balances her professional and personal life. She believes in equal pay and equal opportunities and wishes to be treated on par with men.

On working with director Saad Khan€¦

Saad's strong grounding in theatre and years of experience on stage makes him look at filmmaking from a different perspective. He doesn't believe indramatising anything but conveying the message in a strong and effective way.

How was it to work with Danish Sait?

Brilliant. Danish portrays the life of a politician. He has captured how most politicians sweet talk they way into people's psyche. His character takes an in-depth look at some important issues.

You had more than 10 releases last year. How do you handle your meteoric rise?

One the professional front, it is definitely flattering but somewhere it is scary because this has raised people's expectations. And too much of expectations can sometimes get hard to handle.

Any lessons learnt?

Some of the films that I thought will do well bombed at the box office and those that I had would have good reviews didn't. So I have learnt that it is better not to expect too much.

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