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Surupasree Sarmmah, DH News Service Jan 3 2018, 21:58 IST
Young Bengalureans are looking forward to more open street experiences this year.

Over the years, Bengaluru has been holding open street events at public spaces in the city. These events were a huge success. Thanks to such events, the idea of spending time with friends among youngsters have a new meaning now. With 2018 here, some Bengalureans feel that more such open streets should be organised a regular basis.

With open street events like the recent 'Bengaluru Habba' at Vidhana Soudha, which was an opportunity to witness culture and meet people from around the world, Jia Sharma, a content writer says, "It is always a pleasure to witness open street events in the city. My recent experience of attending the 'Bengaluru Habba' was by chance but I must say it was an exciting experience. The 'Habba' beautifully amalgamated the folk and contemporary culture of the city with the varied display of art, music, food, activities and stalls. I am a regular visitor to such flea markets and open streets. The fact that most of these events are well organised and have something for everyone, attracts me to them. I definitely look forward to attending more such events and this time by choice."

Many people feel that these events serve as a platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase their creativity. Not just them, there are many young and talented artistes who get an opportunity to showcase their talent, which they might not get otherwise.

Greshma Dhanarajan, a fashion designer says, "I absolutely love the concept of open streets. Being a part of them gives me a chance to showcase my designs to a larger audience. Unlike some events held in five-star hotels, these open streets are very well organised. These kinds of events often turn into a cultural spot and a place to network with other people."

So why are these events becoming popular with youngsters? "Youngsters today want to break the mould and are always on the lookout to do something different and creative. Thanks to the startup culture. This apart, there is also a 'cool factor' associated with it," she adds.

Ann Loraine, a writer at Phase 1 events and experience feel that these events have multiple options available for the young crowd. "The cultural events are most of the time given a twist of fun, something that youngsters can relate to. One witnesses many actions under one roof and that is what pulls the young crowds. There are different kinds of people attending these events and one's perception instantly changes when they meet someone of their age doing something extraordinary. These events are not just fun-based but also an inspiration to many people's lives."

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