Trending: Glossy eyes, glossy lips

Surupasree Sarmmah, DH News Service, Feb 13 2018, 19:22 IST
Glossy makeup by Vipul Bhagat.

If you are looking forward to dressing up for a special occasion, the most important aspect is to get the perfect kind of makeup. With glossy lips and eyelids emerging as a favourite on the runway, many makeup artists have already given it a green signal.

For Vipul Bhagat, a celebrity makeup artist, it is no surprise that this trend is making a comeback.

He says that this feminine and sleek trend allows one to look stylish with very little effort.

"It is a trend from the 80s when glossy eyelids and lips were prominent both in Hollywood and Bollywood. Actors like Rekha, Rakhee and Pravin Babi have sported it often. Today, a lot of my clients request for this look for various occasions, especially middle-aged women as it gives a more youthful feel," he observes.

With summer around the corner, this trend is gaining much attention because of its alluring nature. Zara Syed, founder and makeup artist of Zaras International Academy, believes that the glossy effect tends to give out a fresh and dewy look. "Powdered eyeshadows generally smears after some time but this is not the same with glossy makeup. It stands out and makes a strong style statement. Bright shades of yellow, green, aqua blue and copper are perfect to get glossy eyelids. However, for lips, I would recommend summer colours like rose pink or peach," she advises.

Liquid matte lip colours were in for some time, but the fact that it makes one's lips dry after a while didn't find many takers.

Nisha Sablok, makeup artist and hair expert, is of the opinion that not everyone can carry the trend well. "Glossy lips and eyelids are definitely 'in' right now. But the glossy effect doesn't look very appealing to people with thin lips. Glossy eyes are good for photoshoots but not great for personal styling. For people with hooded eyes, glossy shadows are a big no. It might crease up, creating a thin line on the lid," she says.

So is it apt for Indian skin? "Yes, dusky skin helps the glossy makeup to stand out even more. The shimmer in the makeup accentuates one's look."

With these makeup artists all set to experiment, looks like this trend is going to stay for a while.

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