The beautiful Belligundi

Adithya Biloor Mar 12 2018, 23:37 IST
Belligundi Waterfalls in Shivamogga district. Photo by Author

After much of planning and rescheduling, we were finally on our way to Belligundi (Kudumari), waterfalls are hidden deep inside the forests of Shivamogga district. I had visited this waterfalls five years ago and I wanted to trek to the place with my friends. This is waterfalls any nature lover would love to spend a day at. We started early in the morning and drove in jeep to Kattinkaru village, from where our guide joined us. We drove further and from a point we started trekking. After covering 4 km, we hit a small stream in the valley.

Though we were delayed by the guide, we didn't bother about time, and walked leisurely, admiring the scenery and taking photographs. Some of us wanted to spend time near the stream, but for some reason, we couldn't stop there.

The route was a gradual slope with ups and downs. Though it was mid-January, we encountered leeches! So, we decided not to station at one point for a long time. We had walked around 9 km and our guide showed a deviation towards the right. It was a 70-degree downward inclination. And, we had to trek down the path!

Even after trekking a little down, we didn't hear the sound of waterfalls anywhere close by. After that, we all stopped and looked around every 100 metres. Needless to say, we were worried about the remaining distance and our return trek.

While I had forgotten the route, our guide was also not sure about it. Some of us got a bit tensed as it was already 2 pm and we hadn't even heard the sound of gliding waters. Finally, after 2 km of strenuous descend, we touched the base of the falls at 3 pm. Once we saw the falls we regretted about the time lost during our wait for the guide who came late.

We thought we should have started a little early; and that we should have taken fewer photos. We also felt that we shouldn't have taken long breaks at scenic spots. To touch the falls, we had to walk nearly a kilometre further. We decided not to go near, finished our lunch near the stream and trekked back soon after.

Belligundi trek is not an easy trek and is challenging due to its rough terrain. One has to walk around 12 km in dense forests, of which two km is very steep. So, it is necessary that the trekker has the stamina to walk for at least eight hours with small breaks. We started our trek from Mudodi, which is located on the way from Shivamogga to Kollur.

There are several scenic places nearby, and one has to take permission for some of the treks. There are homestays in the area that facilitate such treks for enthusiasts. A trail inside the forest exploring the beauty of these hidden gems of nature will definitely be thrilling and gratifying, provided you plan properly and execute it efficiently.

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