It's a reality show check for Karan Tacker

Surupasree Sarmmah, DH News Services, Mar 11 2018, 20:41 IST
Karan Tacker

Television actor Karan Tacker has charmed the audience with his impeccable persona with just a couple of appearances. With his roles like Sameer and Viren Vadhera in 'Love Ne Mila Di Jodi' and 'Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai', he became the heartthrob of the television world.

Having worked in serials and reality shows for some time, Karan is currently seen hosting 'The Remix' on Amazon Prime Video, a musical reality show.

In a chat with Surupasree Sarmmah, Tacker talks about his new show and gives a glimpse of his life outside work.

You have entertained us with your characters in 'Ek Hazaaron Mein...' and 'Love Ne Mila Di Jodi'. How has it all been?

This journey has been amazing. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and there is a real excitement to go on sets every time. Everything still feels so brand new. All the three
shows that I have done to the reality shows and now hosting, it has all been such great learning experiences. There is a constant growth in me as an actor.

You are now plunging into the digital space with 'The Remix' on Amazon Prime Video. What are your expectations?

I am very thrilled. I have been researching about the digital platform for a long time. There is a constant thought of how to stay out of the
curve and to get into the right kind of project. 'The Remix' is just so apt for me. The format of the show is what excited me. Digital is a new market and will be a good test for me.

You are the only non-Bollywood celebrity to have been signed by Amazon. How does that feel?

It is definitely a proud moment. Television has been my background and I take pride in that. Now, plunging into the digital space, I have another badge on my shoulder.

You had completed your business management before turning to television...

That is a really long story... (laughs) It all started because frankly, it was the need of the hour. I was going through quite a rough phase financially in my business. I needed to recover losses. I had an inclination towards acting and I wouldn't deny that. Acting happened very simultaneously and I dove into it. The more I have started working, the more I have realised my passion for it. Now, there is no looking back.

You have also made a small appearance in the movie 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi', is there any plans of getting into movies someday?

Well, films are something that I am definitely going to look at, as long as it's a substantial role and a movie. Otherwise, I am happy in the space that I am in.

How is your life when you are not working?

There are martial arts and dance classes that I have to attend and I am constantly going to various actor's workshops. These apart, I am really passionate about travelling. So whenever I have time, I get away. I also spend a lot of time with my family and watch a lot of films.

Your favourite holiday destination?

It depends on the kind of mood I am in. I have travelled almost 20 countries already. Having said that, my comfort place is Goa. I am a total beach person. London is another place that makes me fill comfortable.

You have a lot of fans out there, any memorable incident that you can share...

I absolutely love this profession and the idea of having a fan base. There is a fan of mine who lives somewhere in Singapore. Since she knows that I am into health and fitness, she constantly sends me fruits from there. We don't really get fruits like blueberries. This is so adorable and this is what I love about being an actor, there is so much admiration.

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