Sandwiches in disco flavour

Nina C George, DH News Service Mar 10 2018, 01:24 IST
Garlic Pepper

It wasn't very difficult for Siraj Hameed to decide to open an exclusive sandwich joint in the city when he decided to relocate here from Dubai a while ago.

Siraj was impressed with the food culture in Dubai and decided to replicate the same culture here. He recalls that one such eatery that caught his attention was a small 'chai' shop in Dubai where they offered butter-slathered sandwiches. The taste of that sandwich lingered on. He soon discovered that these sandwiches were offered only at small 'chai' shops. It didn't have a formal name and the regulars simply chose to call it 'Disco Sandwich'.

Siraj wasted no time in starting something similar here albeit with a 'desi' twist. Located in 11th Main Road in Jayanagar, 'Disco Sandwich', stocks only sandwiches and the variations are indeed interesting. "After returning to India, I looked out for similar sandwich joints but found none that matched the taste that I had in mind. That's when I decided to start one of my own. I decided to give the sandwiches a definite character and identity. And this is exactly what you get at 'Disco Sandwich'," he says. Siraj points out that the eatery operates from a small space and that's precisely why they decided to stick to sandwiches. "We also offer french fries, wedges, pizza sticks, and some interesting thirst quenchers such as a natural fruit flavoured beverages topped with Basil seeds. The unusual combinations are exciting," he says. A lot of research that has gone into curating the menu, says Siraj. "From choosing the right kind of bread to finalising the ingredients for the sauces - we have sat through countless tasting sessions before finalising the menu. It is a small but powerful menu," says Siraj.

Among the must-try sandwiches at this eatery are 'Peri Peri Chicken' and 'Garlic Pepper Chicken' in the non-vegetarian section. In the vegetarian section, 'Tandoori Panner Tikka' and 'Baked Beans' sandwiches are fast-moving items. "The bread is the most important part of the sandwich. Our produce is locally sourced. The vegetable and meat is cooked to perfection and the items are made fresh with nothing carried over to the next day," he says.

The eatery is located at Blue Bay Foods, Hi Street Mall, ground floor, 11th Main Road, Jayanagar. For details, call 9742404111.

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