Book Rack

Sunday Herald, Feb 10 2018, 18:39 IST

Book Rack


Pradeep Gulati

Notion Press, 2018, Rs 250, pp 226

In this collection of 14 short stories, various aspects of human relationships are cleverly shown, drawing from everyday characters and incidents from around the world. These storylines have unexpected
emotions and twists.

Small acts of freedom

Gurmehar Kaur

Penguin, 2018, Rs 299, pp 188

With an unusual narrative structure that crisscrosses the past and the present, spanning 70 years from 1947 to 2017, this book is about courage, strength and love shared between three generations of strong, passionate women who have faced the world on their own terms.

Notes from a Spanish Diary

Ranjita Biswas

Niyogi, 2018, Rs 850, pp 250

In a journalistic style, the author sets forth her chronicles of Spain. Poignant and tender, familiar and bizarre, the stories are anecdotes of a solo Indian woman traveller who discovers the aura and flavours of Spain.

On the Road to Tarascon

Arnab Nandy

Niyogi, 2018, Rs 350, pp 207

In Germany, 2011, a lovers note among a senile womans possession sets off a chain of events that could lead to the discovery of a Van Gogh
masterpiece, a painting that was lost in World War II. In Kolkata, Neil Bose falls for Eva Schicktanz. He does not know that he is getting involved in much more than he anticipates. This is a thriller spanning continents and decades.

The Hollow Kingdom

Edna Fernandes

Speaking Tiger, 2018, Rs 499, pp 254

Through thorough research and rare interviews, this book deconstructs the founding ideology of ISIS and charts its growth: how it recruits, how it makes secret pacts with cynical governments, and how it finances itself through the sale of oil, extortion and slave trade.

The Tale of Quarles

Veena S Rao

Vista, 2017, Rs 150, pp 81

A sad Diana-Charles (Fiona and Quarles) marriage? Thats because of the curse of Wally Sampson (Wallace Simpson) who never forgave the royal family for denying her due position as queen because she was a divorcee. This play is made of four acts.

The Audacity of Pleasure

Brinda Bose

Three Essays Collective, 2018, Rs 575, pp 328

This is a good time to watch the cultural battleground of sexualities in India. The politics of sexuality in the arts, as well as the everyday in India, lies in a grey area that bristles with the sheer audacity of imagined and real pleasures.

Dark in Death

Nora Roberts as J D Robb

Piatkus, 2018, Rs 1,087 , pp 384

When a young actor is killed in a swift and violent attack at a cinema screening, that reason is hard to fathom, even for Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her team. Its only when bestselling crime writer Blaine DeLano arrives at the precinct that the shocking
truth is revealed.

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