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A Varsha Rao, Feb 10 2018, 18:32 IST
Yograj Bhat

If there's one thing that TV viewers always welcome with open arms, it's comedy. Be it in serials or reality shows, comedy is definitely appreciated. And this becomes even more relevant in today's content-starved age of television. Riding high on this trend is the reality show of Comedy Khiladigalu on Zee Kannada. After the successful run of the first season, the makers are back with another season, which promises to be bigger, better, and full of laughs. This popular family entertainment show, hosted by Master Anand, will see director Yograj Bhat and actors Jaggesh and Rakshita return as the judges. This time, the contestants have been sourced from different parts of Karnataka such as Mysuru, Kundapura, Vijayapura and Kalaburagi.

Here are edited excerpts from an interaction with director Yograj Bhat:

Tell us about the show 'Comedy Khiladigalu'. What can viewers expect from it?

Comedy Khiladigalu will make you smile and laugh. This show will make you feel silly, stupid and thoughtful at the same time. We all know how laughter releases happy hormones in our bodies. So, this show will also make you sleep well! The tagline of the show puts it aptly: 'No
Tension, Smile Please'.

How different is this season from the previous one?

Season 2 has more talented artistes on the stage compared to S1. These contestants are more innocent; their characteristics are more like underdogs.

What's your take on the Kannada comedy scene in television and films today?

It is pathetic and not at all a dependable entertainment element. It definitely has to improve. And I am very hopeful that it will happen one day.

What do you think is key to becoming a good Kannada comedian?

A comedian should know everything about this life; he/she has to be a wickedly enlightened person. Otherwise, people won't laugh and follow him/her.

You started out with television in your career. How do you think television has evolved over the last 15 years?

Today, the advertisement industry has reached its peak and one's marketing skill has become the key to success. About 15 years ago, TV had less competition. Now, other than marketing, nothing is important in the larger context. Other than competition and the numbers games, nothing else has remarkably evolved.

How do you look back on your journey?

To me, my journey always looks as 'not so fascinating'. It's a mixture of significant mistakes and successful experiments.

Comedy is a part of every film of yours. Is this a conscious decision?

Yes, it is a conscious decision. I seriously love humour. I love sarcasm. I adore jokes. Without humour, I can't even think of my existence.

What makes for a good director?

A good director has to be a good human being first. He/she has to be a good mathematician as it helps to learn about film editing, camera and lens ratio. He/she must be a good reader, should be a good bathroom singer and a good listener. Also, he/she ought to be a master in convincing and confusing artistes, especially heroes.

(Comedy Khiladigalu Season 2 airs on Zee Kannada every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm.)

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