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One stage, many acts - Deccan Herald
One stage, many acts
DH News Service, Bengaluru,
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'Aerate Sound'

MIXTAPE’ will present acts by 'A/T/O/S’, and 'Aerate Sound’ at The Humming Tree on October 14, 9 pm.

'A/T/O/S’ (A Taste of Struggle) is a project by Amos and Truenoys. The band has consistently been building tunes and swapping beats. 'LANDS’ is a dream-pop duo from Mumbai. It is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Sohrab Nicholson and producer/multi-instrumentalist Rohan Ramanna.

'Aerate Sound’ is a Bengaluru-based A/V duo with Joe Panicker and Naquash.