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On my pinboard: Rajiv Laxman - Deccan Herald
On my pinboard: Rajiv Laxman
Anila Kurian, DH News Service,
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Rajiv Laxman has been involved with 'MTV Roadies’ since 2001. He used to present the show with his twin brother, Raghu Ram. They were both described as 'television’s angry twins’.

Rajiv has also been involved in the production work of the stunt reality programme 'Jaanbaaz’ and acted in the film 'Tees Maar Khan’ along with his brother. He has also appeared in 'Comedy Nights Bachao’, a comedy show.

He has also acted in 'Dhanak’, which released last year. Recently, he paired up with his brother for 'MTV Dropout Pvt Ltd’, which is a reality television show for budding entrepreneurs.

A R Rahman

I usually listen to music when I’m travelling, and that’s pretty much all the time. I’m someone who enjoys soft music though many think otherwise. My favourite musicians include A R Rahman, Ilayaraja and R D Burman among others. Their music brings out emotions that cannot be put to words.

Aamir Khan

He’s one of the actors who has inspired me. He tries new concepts with every movie of his and he works out to get the look he wants. From becoming overweight to losing it all at once, he is truly a perfectionist. I loved him in 'Lagaan’; it was one of his best works.


Though I am always travelling, I don’t get time for vacations. The last time I took one was a while back and it was to Croatia. It’s a beautiful place that has a little bit of everything I wanted. I went cave diving and trekking, read a book in between and just relaxed. I’m not really sure when my next vacation will be; my guess is not anytime in the near future!

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is someone who has impacted the world with his actions. He was dedicated to the craft and introduced martial arts to the world. He was also a trainer and scholar. Mahatma Gandhi and Mohammed Ali are some of the great men I look up to. Their struggle changed the world and introduced a new one. Their hard work and determination made that happen.

'Rice and dal’

Indian food is my favourite as it has a vast category to choose from. Since I am a mama’s boy, I love whatever my mother prepares. She even moved to Mumbai so that Raghu and I could have her home-cooked meals! She makes amazing 'dal’ with tomato and 'pachchadi’ with rice that I absolutely love. I’m not much of a cook though; Whenever I am in the mood to cook, I call my chef friends and ask them to send a recipe.

Scott Adam

I am constantly reading. I pick up a book immediately after I am done with the previous one, and the cycle continues. I love Scott Adam’s book as he writes like a free thinker. He writes office humour, something that I can relate to. He writes these during his travels and that shows in his works too. Among Indian authors, I enjoy Ashok Banker. He explains mythology in a very different way and that’s kind of cool.