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Out of the box
Nina C George, DH News Service,
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Eatery at Teapoy Mutiny at Horamavu Agara.

Innovation is the name of the game at 'Teapoy Mutiny’ located on Horamavu Agara Main Road. From the name to the menu, everything here strikes you with its sheer novelty.

The largely continental menu may appear straight and simple, but the variations in sandwiches, burgers and even beverages are what catch the eye.

The eatery, that was started by Rutwik Ajit Khasnis and Thejas Sundar a few months ago, is popular not only with the locals but also people from the southern parts of the city.

At first sight, the menu seems to have almost all the short eats that are served in other similar cafes but it is the ingredients that make this place truly different.

Anna Abraham, who assists Thejas, says that the eatery was started as a place where people could come and sit for as long as they wanted.

"We give people the liberty to spend as much time as they want here. The food is cooked by us with nothing being outsourced. You name it and you have it. All the dishes that are on the menu are tried and tested by us before it is printed. We know every single ingredient that has gone into all the dishes,” says Anna.

Of the sandwiches, Anna says that the 'Chilli garlic cheese toast’ and 'Classic chicken and cheese sandwich’ are the fast-moving items.

"The 'Chilli garlic cheese toast’ tastes a wee bit more spicier and tangier than what is available in other places. It literally melts in your mouth,” she says.

She adds that the 'Peri peri chicken sandwich’ and 'Mushroom vegetarian sandwich’ have been given a different twist and character altogether.

"Among the vegetarian dishes, 'Aubergine paprika burger’, which has brinjal as the main base, has a strong flavour,” she adds.

The beverages section has interesting choices in tea, coffee and smoothies. Anna says that variations in coffee are sure to click with any coffee addict.

"There’s Turkish coffee and we try to make it in the most authentic way possible. You can feel the coarseness of the coffee bean here. It also has a hint of cinnamon which makes it a delightful drink. We also have Vietnamese iced coffee which is just like cold coffee but not the regular kind,” says Anna. "The mango and banana smoothie are the favourites of our regulars,” adds Anna.

Asked about their specialties 'Pepper mint iced tea’ and 'Lemon grass iced tea’, Anna says, "It is special because pepper mint and lemon grass are grown in a small space in our backyard. We were keen to use home-grown ingredients in some of our beverages, so we decided to grown them ourselves,” she says.

The eatery is located on no 117/1, near Shilpa Bakery, Horamavu-Agara Main Road.
It is open from 11 am to 10 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 10 pm on weekends. For details, call 8095887685.