Friday 18 August 2017 News Updated at 10:08 AM IST
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'Simran' turns candid - Deccan Herald
'Simran' turns candid
Deccan Herald
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Kangana Ranaut
Actor Kangana Ranaut said it maybe because of her destiny that she has to fight hard to get everything in life but she has made peace with it. The actor, who launched the trailer of her next film 'Simran’ recently, said she often wondered about her journey in Bollywood.

"My journey has been quite different. While coming to the launch, I was thinking about the sort of questions that I would be asked here. So I thought, 'Has my journey really been unusual or is it only me who thinks that way?’”

"But the one aspect that is striking about my journey is that I have to fight for everything in life, even the smallest of things. I don't know why it happens. Maybe it is my destiny but I have made peace with it.”

The actor said people might give her several tags but she will eventually take what is hers. "You guys use the word rebel, 'ladaku’ for me.

I don’t take offence at that. I will take what is mine, be it by fighting or any other means.” Director Hansal Mehta revealed that much before they collaborated for 'Simran’, he had approached her with a film post her debut in 'Gangster’. 'Simran’ is scheduled to release on September 15 this year.