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Take up a meaningful career
Ali Khwaja,
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Dear Sir,
I am a PUC student. I want to be a Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH). Is there any scope in this field? What are the degrees required to be a CEH? And what course should I pursue after my PUC to be a CEH? Is an engineering degree necessary to be a hacker? Are there any institutions or colleges that will prepare me for it? How and where will I get the job as a CEH?

Dear Mohammed,
Ethical hacking has picked up in the past few years since organisations and governments want to preserve their data from theft. An ethical hacker finds out the loopholes in any computer program and points out the possibilities of it being tampered with, thus helping the programmers to correct. Though there are short-term courses offered by private institutions for ethical hacking, most hackers learn from their own interest and passion.

Of course, a degree in computer science engineering is a great asset since you will be learning how programs are made in the first place. A word of caution is that experts are predicting that super-computers, using Artificial Intelligence, may soon be able to find loopholes without human intervention and correct the programs themselves. That will put a question mark on the future of ethical hackers.

Dear Sir,
I am studying in Class 10 (CBSE). I am interested in Physics (particle physics and quantum physics). Please suggest some courses and exams that I can take in these. I don’t know much about the opportunities too. And please suggest some universities and how to get into them.

Dear Vaishnavi,
Opportunities in pure science and applied scientific research are steadily increasing, not only with research institutions but also with corporate organisations who are into product or process development.

You may take up PCMB in Class 11, and appear for the KVPY exam which is held in November. If you are selected, you can join IISc, IISERs or NISERs, which are some of the prestigious institutions for study of physics and other sciences. You may also try for admission to Physics courses in IITs, NITs and BITS Pilani. Admission in any of the above institutions will open the doors for a very promising career with good job opportunities.

Dear Sir,
I completed BSc last year with Physics as Honours subject and scored 70%. But now, I am not able to decide what to do next. I want to get into the defence sector. But I also need an alternative option. Please help me by giving information about what to do and whether it is good to opt for higher studies. If so, which subject will be better.

A confused student

Dear Student,
You need to decide what your long-term goals are, based not only on your interest, but also your capabilities and aptitude. The skills required for defence service are completely different from those required in pure sciences, applied scientific research, quality control, product development or teaching - which are some of the alternatives you are eligible for. If you have not been able to decide even one year after passing, then, it may be better to take up an entry level job and get a feel of corporate life, work profiles etc. before you decide on higher studies or appearing for military entrance exams.

Dear Sir,
I have just completed second year of mechanical engineering and I want to do my masters in automobile engineering once I get my BE degree. Please suggest how to go about this idea.

Dear Saawan,
As a mechanical engineering graduate, you will be eligible to take up higher studies in automobile engineering. The most reputed institutions, as you may be aware, include IITs, NITs, BITS Pilani, and some of the private universities that have made a name for themselves lately, such as VIT Vellore, Jindal, SRM Chennai etc.

Admission to most MTech courses is through GATE exam (, which is held in February every year and which you can appear for in your final year of degree. Try to maintain good grades, do internships in automobile sector and improve your general knowledge, which will improve your chances of admission.

Dear Sir,
I am a second year BA student with the combination of Economics, Psychology and Optional English. I am interested in both Psychology and Economics and would like to do post-graduation and a career in Psychology. So, can you please tell me if there is a scope for Psychology in India.A student

Dear Student,
Psychology is a slow and steady field, which offers meaningful careers to those who are genuinely interested in human behaviour.

After your graduation you may take up an MSc in Psychology in any reputed university of the country, which will lay the foundation for you to seek further specialisation which you can do in India or abroad, preferably after gaining some work experience to know what suits you best.

Jobs are available in HR Departments of companies, educational institutions, healthcare organisations, research, teaching, and in specialised areas such as consumer psychology, clinical psychology, military service, market research etc.

Dear Sir,
I have completed my Class 12 this year. I am interested in engineering (mechanical). If I do this course, will I get any job opportunities in the future?

Dear Suraj,
Mechanical engineering is an ever-green subject and jobs will be plentiful if you qualify in that field. However, salaries are not as high as in the IT field, and work may be more physically demanding in the initial years. Also, since there is a surplus of engineers in most branches lately, you should ensure that you study in a reputed college so that you get a good education and can get your first job through campus recruitment.