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Detachment and divine peace - Deccan Herald
Detachment and divine peace
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This is a strange yet singularly striking trait that we see among some of the people, shifting into rented houses. The moment they step in, no sooner you see these folks, sprucing up their abode with sublime sincerity and unstinted gusto, till everything around is squeaky-clean, and in shipshape condition. But the day they are moving into another apartment, the same place would be bearing that cluttered, cyclone-hit look, with floors below carpeted by copious dust-specks!

Not only the temporary residence, even the vehicle, we tend to handle it with unwonted carelessness (to the extent of causing on them, some unsightly scratches, deep dents and chafed surfaces) the moment we decide to dispose it, to buy a spanking new one. Ditto with our dresses, which we'd have determined to discard - we try donning them extravagantly, till they develop those deadly rips, frayed edges and tattered textures.

All these aforesaid instances amply display our abundant detachment towards those 'temporary' things, which we'd be shortly abandoning, by bidding goodbye forever. Now, just as we tend to develop that downright detachment towards everything that we'd be dumping, why isn't that we haven't developed the same detachment towards those myriad transitory/temporal things, like our looks, various kinds of successes, materialistic possessions, etc, which too, we'd be dumping, by bidding the final goodbye, someday?

Strangely, we have those detachment streaks towards those things, like an old house, a vehicle, a dress, which we'd be soon bidding adieu. But the same detachment, we don't seem to have towards our life, which too would be bidding adieu to the world, sooner or later. Incidentally, the thoughts that really ruffle us are those revolving around those things, on which we affix undue importance and attachment. The more is the attachment towards something, the more is the mental pain in failing to possess it. In fact, it is clearly vindicated from above instances that the mental distress is drastically less, while disposing such things, we are 'detached' to.

So, once we develop a tad detached attitude towards certain things in life, automatically we find our mind, buffering itself against all the mind-battering thoughts, thus opening the mental doors to dollops of divine peace to stream in.