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Sunday Herald Short Story 2017 - Deccan Herald
Sunday Herald Short Story 2017
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Meera Venkatesan

Story Title: A Journey With No Limits

There has always been something about stories that has captivated Meera. For her, the eureka moment has always come from the plots in fiction rather than the sensible science of the world around her. In transit to the present destination, that of a storyteller, she has had the opportunity to wear many hats including instructional designer, business analyst, QA engineer, trainer and programme facilitator. She enjoys reading, watching well-crafted movies, and loves listening to soulful music.

Jessamine Therese Mathew

Story Title: Crockery

Jessamine Mathew grew up in Bengaluru and then studied law at the West Bengal National University
of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata. She returned to Bengaluru to start her career at a law firm. A corporate lawyer by day, she moonlights as an avid discoverer and collector of captivating tales from books, television, and old women who spin them. Her thoughts and ideas have been greatly influenced by writers like Martha Nussbaum, J K Rowling and Louisa May Alcott.

Pragya Joshi

Story Title: Sea-crets

Pragya Joshi is a second-year student pursuing visual communication at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in the city. She loves books on psychology and human behaviour. Some authors she admires are Eoin Colfer, Dan Ariely and V S Ramachandran. She first put pen to paper when she was in seventh grade, and she remembers filling up five notebooks with fanfiction, along with her friend. Her interests are watching movies, dancing, sketching & painting, and playing tabla.

Here are the judges

Bhumika Anand: Bhumika Anand is the founder and director of Bangalore Writers Workshop, a writing school in Bengaluru. She has a degree in Communicative English and a Masters in English. She has been a lecturer, a corporate trainer, editor, communications consultant, events coordinator, MC, social media strategist, and an erstwhile manager of online communities. Her works have been published in various literary magazines. She is an intermittent but uncomfortably intense blogger.

And she feels intensely about grammar and punctuation.

Hari Ravikumar: Hari Ravikumar is a writer and musician based in Bengaluru. He plays the violin. His interests also include Eastern wisdom, Carnatic music, math, comics, languages, design, martial arts, literature, education, and films. At various points of time in his life, he has been a mechanical engineer, software coder, content manager, administrator, teacher, designer, copy editor, product strategist, event manager, pedagogue and writing facilitator. His works have appeared in leading websites and publications.

Yumna Hari Singh: Yumna has had the privilege to live, work and study in India, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the US. She has organised pan-continental youth leadership development conferences in Asia and Africa. She has worked in the food and beverage industry across Europe and America. She is now employed as an ethical auditor. She has been a contributor to a children's magazine, has published an anthology of poems, and acted in theatrical productions.