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Dedicating all to the divine - Deccan Herald
Dedicating all to the divine
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The human intellect, endowed with the powers of rational thinking and discrimination confers upon man a unique status in the hierarchy of creation. All faiths repeatedly stress upon the need to dedicate all these gifts of the divine to the supreme power and use them for not only one's own well being, but for the welfare of society, in a manner that does not hurt or trouble other beings in any way.

This is how the 'Yajurveda' speaks on this subject. "May all these vital powers of mine - those of mind, speech and others, all of which are really yours show me the way to the supreme truth, which in turn will shower me with incomparable peace and bliss. I dedicate all these gifts which you have conferred upon me to you. May the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) which make up my body purify it so that I may acquire the effulgence of the supreme spirit and thus become free from sullying passion and sin. May I dedicate the gifts of the senses (hearing, touch, vision, taste and smell) to your service so that I may acquire the effulgence of your supreme power. May I dedicate my thought, speech and action to your service and adoration so that I may bask in the radiance and magnificence of your grace. Finally, may my soul become purified so that my entire being glows with the effulgence of your blessings which will rid me of all sins and binding passions. At this stage Truth alone prevails, the truth of your supremacy and power. This will ferry me across the ocean of earthly life, death and rebirth with all its accordant evil tendencies".

When a mind that has reached this stage of total dedication, of complete awareness of the divine presence in all things, when the mind - the reason for the bondage of man to material things as also for his release from their clutches is filled with only elevating, purifying thoughts it takes man afar in life. The lives of great men, in the spiritual realm and otherwise are testimonies to this. "The mind that thinks only good, that always desires good for others leads to the immortal" says the Yajurveda.