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Nifty storage hacks for you - Deccan Herald
Nifty storage hacks for you
Amrit Borkakoty,
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Gone are the days when only having big closets or ungainly shelves was a solution for storage at home. Storage hacks have evolved over the years and there are now many ways in which one can be innovative while creating storage space. One can stow away things within items that are both utilitarian and aesthetic. You won’t even have to compromise on much while doing so.

Wouldn’t we all like to have ideas about holding on to our things, while at the same time keeping our homes spacious? So, declutter your home with these clever storage ideas that keep your home tidy. Here are five easy storage ideas to effectively utilise space:

Utilising the walls of any given space is one of the easiest techniques in creating storage while saving space. Floating shelves could be added in case of smaller items. Peg boards can be mounted on walls or behind wardrobe doors to store a variety of things such as shoes, cutlery, baskets, accessories etc. Adding open shelves above a workstation, if you happen to have one at home is also a great way to store books, files etc, which otherwise usually take up a lot of space.

A line of wooden planks can be added to hang things. A row of thin shelves added on kitchen walls can be used to store jars of spices, cutlery, cling-wrap, foil paper etc. Fixing L-shaped shelves along the walls is an interesting way to use the wall. Slim shelves added in the washrooms could be used for keeping toiletries.

Wall hooks which are contemporary in nature can be used to hang accessories, jackets etc which will make the wall more interesting, while also making it a great idea to save space.

Storage shelves

Floating shelves are contemporary in nature and act as a great storage hack. They could be used for kids’ clutter as well as minute items such as bills, slips, mail etc. Add shelves to the headboard of the bed for books, alarm clocks etc which will save space and create storage at the same time.

Add benches, tables and beds with storage units below them. Make a built-in storage with bookshelves which will make your space appear more organised. Shelves placed at a height add length and don’t let space go unused. Shelves can be added where the doors end so as to maximise storage.


Coffee tables as well as centre tables can act as concealed storage sections. Use wooden tables with drawers which can be utilised to store newspapers, books, TV remotes etc. Ottomans act as extra seating spaces, footrests or even as a table. Along with these multiple uses, an ottoman can serve as a great storage hack if made with a lid. Storage under beds, couches, tables and staircases can be a great space-saving trick. Concealed spaces such as those behind mirrors are also a great idea to add storage. If you don’t have space for a dining table, then, add a console table along the end of the couch, this act as the perfect spot to keep food, drinks, artefacts as well as a workstation.


Bathrooms must only display items such as hand soap, towels etc. The rest must be stored away in drawers or on slim shelves. Hooks can act as a great space-saving idea. Add a storage cart to neatly stack toiletries and beauty products. Seize the opportunity to add a closet to store all extra linen such as towels, napkins etc. These make them handy while being well-kept.


Hang laundry baskets behind doors to store smaller items such as accessories, nail polishes, make up etc.

Make drawers below staircases store books, CDs, files etc. Stack trunks or old suitcases as a storage trick. Also, adding a fold down table will save space. Storage racks with wheels or hanging baskets are a good investment.

Add rods below book shelves to hang clothes. You can also add them below the sink to hang cleaning products on them. Another idea is to use desk organisers or baskets in the fridge so as to store articles effectively.

You could hang metal baskets on the wall to store books. Open storage is used to keep clutter off the floor, for this, you could install rectangular shelf units.

Use wine racks to stack towels, invest in a barn-shaped container to keep kids’ clutter away. Add rods behind doors to make storage. Combine drawers and cabinets, getting best of both storage ideas by keeping smaller items in drawers and therefore, making it easier.

Use teacups as drawer organisers; add plastic baskets with hooks on cabinet doors to increase storage while being inside. Add hooks on the doors of closets to store bags, scarves etc. Transform a smaller closet into a bookshelf to display artefacts, frames and books.

There are a many ways to maximise storage while being innovative. Use space available below furniture, on walls, below staircases; add organisers, baskets, trunks, shelves, coffee tables, chest of drawers etc to make storage easier.

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