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The four 'R's in teaching - Deccan Herald
The four 'R's in teaching
Meera Seshadri,
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Teaching in educational schools and colleges could be indeed an inexplicably exulting and exhilarating experience to any enormously committed teacher. Especially, the joy is immense when the teacher is supremely successful in making the students rightly imbibe the imparted knowledge.

Interestingly, more than the beneficiary (the learner), it is the benefactor (the teacher), who is bountifully benefited, in terms of experiencing the ineffable mental bliss. And that, teaching, not necessarily is germane to academics alone.

It could be anything - teaching of yogic techniques, body fitness exercises, to tailor clothes, to craft artifacts, to paint artistically, to whip up food, to sculpt idols, to swim in deep waters, to drive vehicles, to work on computers, to play indoor/outdoor games, to pick up gardening skills, various languages, good etiquettes, to speak eloquently, to write impressively, even teaching something, work-related, to juniors at workplace, to encapsulate, anything good can be taught and learnt.

Interestingly, by teaching something to someone, with singular sincerity, one simply receives a reservoir of the four 'R's - the Respect, the Recognition (from the students), the real Riches and the Rewards - these in the form of inordinate joy, inner peace, great mental wellbeing, sense of superiority, satisfaction, achievement, fulfillment, besides feelings of mind-gratification and spirit-elevation (for having empowered students in some way.

Incidentally, in our school days, we had an amazingly dynamic teacher, teaching Science subjects, who used to commute daily from a far-flung area, riding a wobbly bicycle, to disseminate his assimilated knowledge. Bowled over by his profound passion and unimpeachable dedication for teaching, when we students externalised our heartfelt gratitude, he sagaciously had stated, "All these long travelling aren't done for the benefit of you all. It is rather for my own! Every night the moment my head rests on the pillow; I instantly sink into an incredibly peaceful slumber. Such is the magical charm, intertwined with teaching, which has made my life truly significant and worth-living".

No wonder it is said, "By what we get, we make a living. And, by what we give, we make a life!" And that, by giving knowledge, we make a super-duper lovely and exciting life!