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Hashtags of tattoo world in 2017 - Deccan Herald
Hashtags of tattoo world in 2017
Vikas Malani
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Over the past few years, tattooing has emerged as more than just a fashion statement, to become a highly-revered art form. Tattoos are an avenue for self-expression and a beautiful way to declare one’s beliefs. So, what’s trending in the world of tattoos? Read on to find out.

This year should see a higher interest in abstract art for tattoos along with fusion art forms. With these art forms in tattoo, realism and surrealism arts should also get a lot of scope. Hyper-realism, which means making something look alive and real on a person’s skin, will take a huge leap into popularity. People are more willing to trust their artists, and make bold choices as the societal acceptance for tattoos has also improved over the years.

Geometry reigns
Geometric tattoos started making quite some noise during the last year itself. This tattoo form should see a further surge this year. If your favourite subject during high school was geometry, then this might just be the way to show your love for the subject. But geometric tattoo forms are not restricted to circles and squares. Tattoo artists are generally creative people, and with their innovative designs, they can easily represent a cute panda in a geometric form and surprise people.

In 2016, mandala drawings and colouring books were a big hit among not just kids but adults too. Well, this year if you are planning to get a tattoo, mandala might just be the thing. It is, of course, a beautiful art form, but it also talks a lot about the spiritual aspect of your life. Make sure to explain to your tattoo artist your thought process behind wanting to get a tattoo, and the insights they will share might surprise you with the various possibilities!

The growing talk about the importance of conserving our planet and wildlife should also inspire a lot of people to get wildlife tattoos. There would also be an increase in the request for watercolour tattoos. This is highly artistic, subtle and inspiring, and requires the artist to be highly creative.

The hips and inner arm would probably be the most sought-after spots for tattoos this year; these are easy to conceal and equally easy to show off when required.

(The author is a tattoo artist, co-founder, Body Canvas Tattoos)