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Curve of happiness - Deccan Herald
Curve of happiness
Sudha Devi Nayak,
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There was a joke among us girls during our school days. 'SmileS (smiles) is the longest word in the English language because there is a mile between the two S's.' What it means, perhaps, is that a smile goes a long way in brightening the world.

A radiant smile is to say "God's in his heaven/ All's right with the world." It brings solace to grieving hearts, telling them that life still exists in many colours and one just needs to pick up the threads and move on. It cheers the depressed, enlivens the weary and endows them with the strength to look at the happy side of things, however bleak the scenario might be.

Yet, there are people who are so sparing with their smiles as though it costs them dear. They do not realise that there is grace and divinity in a genuine smile, and that enriches the giver and assuages the restless mind and the embittered spirit. When a teacher enters a class looking glum, there is no joy in learning; when the boss enters the office unsmiling, the productivity levels take a plunge. A smile is an exhortation.

Nothing you wear is more important than your smile. When we smile at those with whom we have differences, their hearts are warmed, misgivings melt, and some of the rancour and the resentment fades. In the early bloom of love brimming with uncertainty, the exchange of smiles are full of unspoken hope and trepidation.

The smile of the mother gives confidence to the trusting child and the glorious feeling of being unconditionally loved. The baby smiles to itself in its cradle, perhaps reminiscing "brighter worlds" and its smile is akin to that of an angel. The beatific smile that appears on a face when in solitary communion with God reflects that the reconciliation with oneself is complete.

Then, there is the smile of courage you receive from someone when passing through a crisis. "This too shall pass," it assures, even as the brave smile you show through tears when the going gets rough gives you the strength to weather the storm.

With the smile of achievement, we communicate to the world the legitimate pride we feel at our efforts gaining fruition. Mona Lisa's celebrated smile has teased us through centuries. Is she happy or sad? Much ink has been spilt over her mystic smile by aficionados of art but the enigma endures.

The sunflowers smile at the sun, the sky smiles at the rippling waters, the mountains smile and wink at the streaming humanity nursing its idiosyncrasies. When everything in Nature is smiling, why are we so reticent with our smile? Bee Gees, a pop music group, say in one of their songs: "Smile an everlasting smile/ A smile can bring you near to me." So let us dip into our repertoire of smiles more often.