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Sturdy and stylish beneath - Deccan Herald
Sturdy and stylish beneath
Girish Mysore,
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There is an increased focus on dark coloured floors in deep tones.
Purpose matters
An integral part of the interiors of any project is flooring. Simply put, it carries the weight of all the things inside a structure. So, making sure that you have the right flooring that is sturdy, steady, as well as aesthetic and classy, is of prime importance. Again, with myriad options in the market, flooring can be chosen based on the specific needs of the space. In a residential setup, flooring assumes much importance, and there are several trends doing the rounds. Here are some of the top considerations and trends as far as flooring is concerned.

Flooring is governed largely by the use the space is put to. Bedrooms are personal spaces that are meant for relaxation, and warm tones of wood are a great choice as far as flooring is concerned. Natural wood flooring adds a nice feel to the room and is usually chosen for bedrooms. However, another close choice is laminate flooring that seems like wood, but is not. This is completely manufactured and can be given a finish that seems completely like natural wood. Likewise for the living areas, yellow marble flooring that forms a bold palette is a good choice. Just ensure that you keep everything else subtle. This flooring allows other finishes like cement flooring and oxide finish flooring to blend in as well.

Another popular kind of flooring is Kota stone, that has a natural, rusty look and feel and provides a subtle/neutral backdrop for a vibrant/colourful decor. Likewise, travertine is a form of limestone with fibrous and concentric grains available in white, cream, grey and tan that has bold character of its own; which can completely transform a space. While selecting external flooring, the key criteria should be ease of maintenance and robustness, so as to withstand different kinds of weather conditions.

Flooring options like sira and granite that are locally available have a subtle character and are easy to maintain. Marble granular/grit flooring that has a tough surface is also a good choice. Gravel Ground Cover blends well with these finishes and landscape. A key trend being seen in the flooring space is the shift towards vinyl flooring that can mimic wood, stone or ceramic!

Going green

Flooring is also being driven by ecological considerations and materials that are renewable and reusable are making their way on floors. Most flooring manufacturers are going green, adding options that come with recycled content and raw materials obtained from sustainable sources. Certified wooden flooring, non-toxic cork from the bark of the cork oak tree, bamboo flooring and flooring from marine content are some options that are being used in flooring.

Like with most elements of a home, going green also incorporates aspects like being both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This apart, there is an increased importance on using materials that are available locally, are eco-friendly, have a low carbon footprint and are also good for your feet due to their natural characteristic. In all, using biodegradable materials in flooring is certainly a trend that is not going anywhere.


There is an increased focus on dark coloured floors in deep tones. Greys and dark brown shades are in vogue this year and these have an added advantage of camouflaging dirt and dust. However, more importantly, these kind of flooring add a nice character to the space and make a statement. Again, hardwood floors in dark wood tones are ruling the roost too. This gives a clean and classic touch to rooms. Again, patterned flooring, especially traditional parquet patterns are becoming popular as well.

Shades of blond are also ruling the roost as these combine quite beautifully with oak, wood and bamboo flooring. Concrete flooring that is not just sturdy but has a neutral colour palette and terrazzo flooring with chips of glass, granite and marble are trending. In fact, artwork is making a comeback on floors and tiles in different textures, and finishes are being launched by flooring manufacturers. Even if you add this to a part of the floor, you can create a dramatic visual effect, as covering the entire floor with these tiles may not be a wise idea.

Making the difference

Flooring tile sizes are also increasing and there is a clear shift towards large tiles that not just give an effect of being seamless, but also need fewer joints. Sizes like 60cmX120cm and 80cmX120cm are preferred today, even in the residential spaces. Flooring is an integral part of homes and making the right choice - one that works for you is important. So, make sure you choose wisely and one that makes sense in the context of your home.

(The author is co-founder, GreyScale Design Studio)