Friday 26 May 2017 News Updated at 03:05 AM IST
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Kawasaki's Z1000, Z1000 R Edition arrive - Deccan Herald
Kawasaki's Z1000, Z1000 R Edition arrive
DH News Service, Bengaluru,
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Kawasaki has launched the new 2017 models of Z1000 and Z1000 R Edition in India.

The Z1000’s sculpted bodywork, intended to invoke a crouching predator, takes the aggressive and unique sugomi-inspired Z design to the next level. Other high-quality details include the special 'Z’ ignition key and machined aluminium steering stem bolt.

A few features of the new bikes include revised ECU settings - contributing a smoother power delivery and evaporator apparatus for cleaner emissions, suppler suspension, improved brake touch, improved ergonomics with mirrors having greater range of movement, five-way adjustable clutch lever to suit the size of the rider’s hands, additional instrumentation features, and better brake touch.

The 1,043 cc DOHC liquid-cooled 16-valve engine features impressive low- and mid-range torque, where most street bikes spend their time. The new Z1000 R Edition has the familiar gold and yellow Öhlins S46DR1S fully-adjustable shock, with remote preload adjuster. While the hardware is unchanged at the front forks, the settings have been revised to ensure it matches the rear Öhlins’ action.