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A life less ordinary - Deccan Herald
A life less ordinary
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Sunderraj in Lift Man.
Lift Man
Kannada (U) Cast: Sunderraj, Suresh Heblikar, Sameer Puranik, Sheetal Shetty
Director: Karanji Sridhar

Inspired by the real life story of a Vidhana Soudha lift operator, Karanji Sridhar’s Lift Man chronicles the ups and downs in the life of Manjappa aka Manjunath.

The film, which marks the 200th for seasoned actor Sunderraj, is a melodrama that reflects on the life of Manjappa and how he is privy to various people’s struggles, aspirations and dejections.
Given its theme, the film unfolds in a leisurely fashion. It’s not your regular potboiler.

The film, which was screened at the Bengaluru International Film Festival, should be lauded for its honest portrayal of middle-class. It shows the ebb and flow of fortunes, especially in the political careers of those on the high pedestal of power.

It speaks of how one must accept things with a sense of stoicism.