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A clarion call for forest conservation - Deccan Herald
A clarion call for forest conservation
S Viswanath,
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A scene from the film Maasthi Gudi.
Maasthi Gudi
Kannada (U/A) Cast: Vijay, Amulya, Kriti Kharbanda, Rangayana Raghu, B Jayashree, Dattatareya, Ravishankar, Suhasini, Devaraj
Director: Nagshekar

Set in the fictional tribal village of Maasthi Gudi, Nagshekar’s film is about conservation of forests and protection of wildlife.

Vijay, who penned the story inspired by a real-life incident, plays the titular role of mahout’s understudy, Maasthi.

How he takes up the cudgels for protecting endangered species, specially the tiger, from poachers and their nefarious designs forms the film’s kernel.

Playing vigilante, the muscular Maasthi eliminates the evil men, including a corrupt range forest officer. Village folks soon spread the word that it is the handiwork of a protective sprite infesting the forest.

Interwoven with the message of conservation are romantic interludes that have Amulya as Bhavya and Kriti Kharbanda as Rani falling for Maasthi.

While Bhavya’s romance ends in tragedy due to parental opposition, Rani, who returns from London, falls for Maasthi’s benign nature and concern for wildlife.

Though the intentions of Nagshekar and Vijay are laudable, ghostly visitations, superstitions and a languid pace dilute Maasthi Gudi’s larger social purpose.

Vijay does a good job as the muscled saviour while Amulya and Kriti Kharbanda provide pleasing support.