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Virtues of a good human - Deccan Herald
Virtues of a good human
Meera Seshadri,
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There is one singularly striking trait of several humans - we may be caustic, conceited and cockish in our manners. We may be crafty, conniving and calculative in our moves. We may be crabby, callous and uncompassionate in our mental attitude. Yet, we'd love to brand ourselves as great humans, being a veritable gift to the mankind!

Well, on a more serious note, who is the one, in the true sense, can be actually labeled as a real good human? To begin with, s/he is the one with an immensely pleasing demeanour, polished manners and pretty refined behaviour. Naturally, to people around, s/he'd always be an amiable and amicable person, with an abundantly affectionate heart.

Apparently, qualities of being empathic, kind-hearted, helping and generous would all be quite intrinsic in him. Hence, he'd always be refraining from hurting others - physically or mentally. Simplicity, modesty and humility, along with high standards of moral values, principles and ideologies are his other splendid gems in the crown of his scintillating persona.

So also are his sublime levels of patience/tolerance in accepting people as they are, without forcefully foisting his perceptions/perspectives on others. In other words, he'd always be having supreme respect for others' feelings/emotions, views/opinions.

So, naturally, his soft-hearted persona is shorn of that snooty, supercilious and super highfalutin attitude. Because of which, in his trusted company, people find enormous comfort levels, wherein they are themselves, being able to speak their mind out, without any misgivings of their spoken words getting misconstrued.

This apart, since he is ever open to others' advices/suggestions, obviously, often he'd be indulging himself in bouts of self-analyzing exercises. Hence, even when he inadvertently swerves on the wrong moral track; he is swift enough to swing back to the right one, thanks to his moral scruples. Needless to say, one can find unimpeachable sincerity and honesty, too, in every thing that he does.

Finally, his persona is positively devoid of those petty feelings of envy, vindictive attitude, unhealthy competitive spirit, et al. Now, when we self-brand ourselves as great humans, it is good to see how many of these aforesaid virtues that we actually possess!