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Old world charm - Deccan Herald
Old world charm
Susheela Srinivas,
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How does one design the interiors of the home for a wanderlust couple? The answer lies in their lifestyle-travel curios. A couple who lives in a four bedroom apartment in a low rise building in Stanley, Hong Kong, decided to make their travel memorabilia the focus of interiors. Between them, they had lived in France, China, Thailand, Singapore, Germany and Luxembourg. Along the way, they had collected a treasure of travel bric-a-bracs.

Giving a boost to their inspiration is the location and accommodation of the flat. Perched on the hillside on Stanley, the flat has an old world charm to it, with a central courtyard branching out to the rooms and a central staircase leading to the rooftop.
Being a place of retreat for the family, weekends find them lounging on sofas overlooking the sea. The light-filled interiors are well complemented by the choice of bright, bold colours. The furnishings are mid-century with modern linings. Mixing paintings, curios and keepsakes, the lady of the house chose a quirky display at the entrance: a piece of an aircraft fuselage (picked up from a Paris flea market) hanging over a traditional Chinese painting!

While the dining room boasts of a vintage PH5 lamp sitting next to a school project - a cow sculpture made from recycled plastic containers. Also frozen in memory is a collection of blue vases ranging from exquisite glass to Japanese handmade ceramics to Ikea makes. Each finds a place in the house mixed with other period-style items.
The living room furniture was made in Hong Kong with the fabric brought from Paris. The children's room had an easy-to-use picture rail created out of simple wire and clips from Ikea. The couple have mixed and matched many a piece of collectibles to decorate the house creating style of their own.