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Uma Aswani
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Dear Madam, I finished my BE in 2010 with 68%. Currently, I am working as a support engineer. I would like to go to Canada for higher education in Fall 2017. I want to take up a one year Masters course. I am keen to study any Mechanical Diploma course that will enhance my knowledge, and get into a reputed company in Canada. Could you please suggest some universities and courses.

Joel Pinto

Dear Joel,
Ideally, I would like you to pursue your MS or MEng or Masters in Applied Science (MASc). These courses will help you in obtaining a student visa, post-study work options and most importantly getting ahead in the job market. These courses will prove to be more beneficial in the long run. The Masters programmes also come with a co-op option. Co-op is a paid work-term that typically occurs in the third term of study. The duration of graduate programmes in Canada could be anywhere between one to two years.

Generally, it is 16 months. For all diploma and certificate courses, the duration is eight months to one year. While diploma and certificate programmes are very common for Business subjects, very few universities offer diploma courses for mechanical engineering. The diploma programmes are generally considered a pathway to a regular MS programme. It is like a bridge programme for students who don’t have the required credentials for direct entry to the Masters programme.

Dear Madam,
I have completed DM in cardiology. I wish to migrate out of India. What options do I have?

Dear Kumar,
Indian doctors are in demand everywhere, but you need to write the country specific
licensing exams. Visit the following websites for a clear understanding of these exams:,, and

Dear Madam,
I am in my final semester of engineering. I have already been placed in Accenture. I want to do my Master’s in Electrical and Computer engineering in USA or Australia after working for a year. I want to know whether working in Accenture for an year would help me get into US universities with any of the scholarships.
A student

Dear Student,
Working in a company like Accenture will certainly strengthen your resume but will not help get you scholarships. For scholarships, Graduate assistantships and teaching assistantships you need to have a good GPA, a high score of GRE and TOEFL, a strong statement of purpose and some published research work.

Dear Madam,
I am a third year engineering student. My aggregate is around 63%. I want to do Master’s in Electronics and Telecommunication in Canada, USA or Australia. Is USA a safe option anymore since H1B visas are getting curbed? Also, could you suggest some good universities for this course?
Sujit M V

Dear Sujit,
USA, despite the recent developments, continues to be the most sought after destination for many students. The top universities in the US for Electronics and Telecommunications are MIT, Georgia Tech, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, University of Southern California, Carnegie Mellon, Michigan Ann Arbor, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Virginia Tech, Purdue, Arizona State University, UT Austin and Wisconsin Madison. In Canada, the best universities are McGill, University of Toronto, Waterloo and University of British Columbia. In Australia, University of Melbourne, Monash, Sydney, University of New South Wales, Queensland University of Technology and RMIT are among the best for your

For more information on universities, application process and entry requirements, please visit

Dear Madam,
I am a BTech graduate with a 72% aggregate. Currently, I am working as a Research Fellow in DRDO in Avionics domain. I am looking to do my higher studies in Embedded System. Could you let me know some universities that provide a fully-funded MS or PhD programme.
A student

Dear Student,
PhD programmes are fully funded in most countries. You need to identify a research topic and communicate with professors from various universities who are already into research in your area of interest.

A good research proposal, a statement of purpose which clearly addresses your interest in their university and the particular department you are applying to, a resume which highlights all your academic achievements, research works and publications and work experience will help them decide if you are worthy of the scholarship. You can apply to any country you wish but you need to through your strong writing skills try and convince a professor to accept you in his or her department.

On the other hand, MS is generally self-funded with scholarship options like teaching assistantship, research assistantship and graduate assistantship. German Universities are free for all students and they also offer long stay visas. I would recommend UK universities since you complete your masters in one year. Tuition fee is lower in the UK than in many countries and you also save on one year’s living expenses. The only exam you need to take to go to a UK university is the IELTS.

Dear Madam,
I have recently finished Class 11 with 97.67%. I am concentrating on competitive exams. I clearly do not want to do engineering and medical courses. I am interested in joining the Air Force. Could you provide some information on a suitable courses that I can pursue abroad or in India?

Dear Anushree,
There are three branches in Indian Air Force - flying branch, technical branch and ground duty branch. You can work in any one of these branches. You would need to complete your degree before you apply to the Air Force. For careers in Air Force, please check Pursue your Bachelors in the Science stream with Physics and Maths.

It will open up more options for you. As far as the pay is concerned, you can earn well in any job that you are passionate about.

(Uma Aswani is an educationist and consultant based in Bengaluru.
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