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Straddling times - Deccan Herald
Straddling times
Preeti Verma Lal,
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The Golden Pavilion, a Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan.
Past recalled

Time for tea
Do what you want, but do not leave Kyoto without sipping on Japanese tea. In Japan, tea ceremony is not merely about simmering a handful of tea leaves in a pot. It’s an art. It encompasses not only the making of tea, but also spirituality, appreciation of tea utensils and bowls, and Zen Buddhism. In En, a traditional teahouse, you can even learn to make tea with a bamboo whisk.

This ancient town lends its name to the Kyoto Protocol that sets binding obligations on nations to reduce greenhouse gases. However, there’s more to the city than the protocol. Author Haruki Murakami once said: "It is hard to be an individual in Japan.”
Perhaps, he is right. In Kyoto, you could live in a yesterday. In a today. Or, you could sleepwalk into a futuristic tomorrow.