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The Dog's Last Walk

Howard Jacobson
Bloomsbury, 2017, pp 285, Rs 599
For 18 years, the Booker Prize-winning novelist Howard Jacobson wrote a weekly column for a prominent newspaper, reflecting in inimitable style on the sacred and the profane, the frivolous and the serious, and the deeply personal and the most
universal. This is a collection of his best columns.

Healing Room
Edited by Reena Nath
Harper Collins, 2017, pp 243, Rs 399
Psychotherapy is a strong option for a person who wants to rid his life of maladies of the mind. This
collection of essays sets out to act as a bridge
between the person seeking help and professionals from various branches of psychotherapy.

Immoderate Men
Speaking Tiger, 2017, pp 192, 299
This collection of short stories captures the world of men - the desire that drives them, the impulses that bring them down. For instance, in one story, a grandfather sits on a park bench, ruminating upon the beauty of his daughter-in-law and the perfidy of his son who has cast him out of their lives!

Why Won't You Apologize?
Harriet Lerner
Bloomsbury, 2017, pp 195, Rs 499
'I'm sorry' can be the most powerful words in the
English language, asserts the author, and she provides a unique perspective about mending broken
relationships. This also contains compelling stories and a solid theory to demonstrate the transformative power of making amends.

Cecelia Ahern
Harper Collins, 2017, pp 426, Rs 292
Celestine North lives in a society that demands perfection. After she is branded 'flawed' by a morality court, Celestine's life has been fractured. She has been a ghost, on the run with the complicated,
powerfully attractive Carrick. But Celestine has a
secret that could destroy the system.


Jagmohan Bhanver, Koman Bhanver
Hachette, 2017, pp 310, Rs 499
For a population with trust issues with online
payments, Indian consumers have embraced
e-commerce with phenomenal enthusiasm in the past few years. In turn, an incredible number of e-commerce companies operate here today. Click! presents a long view of where the industry is headed.

The Woman In The Bazaar
Alice Perrin
Speaking Tiger, 2017, pp 170, Rs 250
A portrait of marriage and jealousy written in fluid prose, this novel, set in the times of British Raj, is the
story about Captain George Coventry and his trials and tribulations with matters of the heart, and of
facing his past.

Rethinking Judicial Reforms
Kaleeswaram Raj
Universal Law Publishing, 2017, pp 179, Rs 395
In this book that holds reflections on the current
judiciary, the author offers an insider's account of the system's hard truths & its fractures, and stresses on the system being more interactive. The media is brought in; its role not so responsible as it ought to be.