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Carving memories in soapstone - Deccan Herald
Carving memories in soapstone
Jakkanikki M Dayananda, April 11, 2017,
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The officials and staff of Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited (KSDL) in Bengaluru, which is in its centenary year, have made the occasion more memorable by setting up a sculpture park in the office premises. Sculptures have been made at a 15-day camp organised here and it was attended by 15 artists from different parts of the State.

Along with the sculptures of Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV, Sir M Visvesvaraya and S G Shastri who were instrumental in the establishment of KSDL, there are structures depicting the elements of nature, ingredients used to make soaps and different stages of soap making.

A sculpture that portrays the essence of public sector organisations attracts a visitor’s attention. Aluminium utensils placed at different parts of a sculpture indicate how KSDL has created jobs for the common people and helped them lead a meaningful and dignified life. Shamla Iqbal, managing director of KSDL, Shilpakala Academy president Mahadevappa Shambhulingappa Shilpi and Shilpakala Academy registrar H V Indramma have facilitated the work. The sculptures are made in soapstone that is sourced from Chamarajanagar. Shivaprasad, the camp coordinator, says, "The sculptures are linked to the vision and products of the company. The effort aims to create awareness about the organisation and its work.”