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Lesser-known historical places - Deccan Herald
Lesser-known historical places
Narasim Katary March 21, 2017
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A viewof Rakkasagi, which was a site of the Battle of Talikota.
There are many places associated with the historic Battle of Talikota, that have the potential to become popular tourist places. One of them is Rakkasagi, a small village, which was the site of a significant skirmish between the combined armies of the Deccan sultanates and the Vijayanagar army. Rakkasagi is on the north shore of River Krishna and is 16.3 km east of Tangadgi.

For some days prior to the battle, a few of the armies from the Deccan sultanates kept walking back and forth between Rakkasagi and Tangadgi to confuse the Vijayanagar army about where they were going to ford the river.

At dawn on the fateful day of the battle, a battalion of combat veterans from the Vijayanagar army forded the river slightly south-east of Rakkasagi and confronted the main force of the Deccan Sultanates. The large force of the Deccan Sultanates were able to defeat the Vijayanagar army. Walking on the battle fields in quiet contemplation can be a sobering reminder of the fragility of reason.

Like Rakkasagi, Tangadgi, another small village, is also famous for being a site of significant skirmish between the warring empires. Several residents of the village say that early in the 20th century, farmers found broken and rusted pieces of swords. They also say that because of the lost battle, they do not celebrate the festival of Holi. Tangadgi is about 32 km north of Ilkal.

If you are planning to visit these historical sites, it is best to use Ilkal town in Bagalkot district as the base. Not only do these places remind us of an era gone by, but also offer a unique travel experience.