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March 19, 2017,
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The Glass Bead Curtain

Lakshmi Kannan
Vitasta, 2016, pp 293, 299
Kalyani and Athai, two feisty women, sail through the turn-of-the-century Madras Presidency under British rule, despite archaic and tyrannical customs. While Kalyani overcomes several odds to become a badminton coach, Athai uses her widowhood to advantage by pursuing her education at home.

Collective choice and Social Welfare
Amartya Sen
Penguin, 2017, pp 640, 599
Originally published in 1970, this classic study has been recognised for its role in integrating economics and ethics, and for opening up new areas of research in social choice and aggregative assessment. This expanded edition preserves the text of the original while presenting 11 new chapters of fresh arguments.

The trail of four
Manjiri Prabhu
Bloomsbury, 2017, pp 361, 399
The novel is entirely based in Europe and in the city of Salzburg in Austria. It is about deciphering a trail set 75 years ago by the Austrian-American theatre personality Max Reinhardt. But as it appears, the events take an evil turn and the entire city comes under an ominous threat by an unknown villain.

Mission overseas
Sushant Singh
Juggernaut, 2017, pp 216, 299
As India becomes a global superpower, its armed forces will be expected to conduct more missions inside foreign countries. Using never-before-seen secret military reports and eyewitness testimonies of the men on the ground, Sushant Singh reconstructs three forgotten Indian operations overseas.

The poison of love
K R Meera
Penguin, 2017, pp 176, 299
When Tulsi first meets Madhav, she is drawn to his good looks and charm. Although wary of his many dalliances, she soon finds herself forsaking her family, her prospective career and her fiancé for him. But love can be like poison. And nothing can prepare Tulsi for the heartache and betrayal that lie ahead.

Ideas Are Your Only Currency
Rod Judkins
Hachette, 2017, pp 240, 350
In a world of change, where skills become out of date quickly, it is ideas that last. We all need to be prepared for a world that is fluid, global and interdisciplinary. Distinctions between specialties will blur and overlap. So this book features 100 interactive chapters to inspire groundbreaking new ideas.

Snowfed waters
Jane Wilson-Howarth
Speaking Tiger, 2014, pp 318, 399
A fictional sequel to the acclaimed memoir A Glimpse of Eternal Snows, Snowfed Waters is a moving story of two cultures, false assumptions, and of the gradual dawning of self-awareness. This is a story set amongst the Himalayas.

The cancer whisperer
Sophie Sabbage
Hachette, 2017, pp 214, 399
This book does not offer a cure for cancer. It offers a cure for your fear of cancer. It chronicles Sophie's relationship with cancer and the methods that she has used for dealing with fear, anger, denial and grief.