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Your own mini water garden! - Deccan Herald
Your own mini water garden!
Vydehi Kadur, March 17, 2017, DHNS
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focus Aquatic plants will be the main character of your water garden. photo courtesy: muddy waters creations

A step-by-step guide to creating a water garden

Step 1
Sketch your layout.
Choose the right place.
Ensure the place is levelled.
You will need a power source nearby.

Step 2
Place your pre-planted pots or baskets.
Use blocks to create different levels.
Three different levels will add more interest.

Step 3
Fill the gaps between the planters.
Fill all the way till the brim of the tallest planter.
Use pea gravel, baby jelly or coarse sand.

Step 4
Place a small tile at the rear of the garden or in between the planters.
Use the tile as the surface to place the filter.

Step 5
Start layering pebbles of a light colour over the filler.
Ensure the spout of the filter is not obstructed.
Cover the visible rim of planters.

Step 6
Place larger rocks to add interest.
It is in these crevices that fish can hide or rest.
Use aquarium quality silicon glue to bind these rocks.

Step 7
Add water from the side or over a rock.
Ensure not to disturb the soil.
Make sure all electrical connections are dry.