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'The source of the tea is most important' - Deccan Herald
'The source of the tea is most important'
Bengaluru, March 17, 2017, DHNS
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Anamika Singh
As Anamika Singh finished her education and was deciding what to do, she came to know that there was only one woman actively involved in the tea industry. Eager to make a mark in a male-dominated industry and also carry on her father’s legacy of a tea estate, she took a plunge into the profession.

Today, the tea manufacturer and sommelier boasts of 27 years of experience in the field. The founder of 'Anandini Himalaya Tea’, Anamika will be in the city to conduct a workshop at the 'Tea Festival India’ (TFI), to be held at JW Marriott Hotel on March 18 and 19. She speaks about her definition of a perfect cup, the essential quality of a tea taster and the session in store for Bengalureans.

Your journey into the world of tea...

My father and brother are tea planters and I belong to the second generation. We have a tea estate in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh. From visiting the estates and factory to grasping the finer nuances, I learnt everything from my father.

Your definition of a perfect cup of tea...

For me, tea is usually without milk and sugar, since that gives you the real taste and flavour. A perfect cup is one which completely connects with your soul, who you are and your surroundings at that moment.

Something to munch on with the beverage on a rainy evening...

Ummm, a ham and cheese toastie.

What, according to you, is the trademark of good quality tea and the essential virtue of a tea taster?

The source of the tea is most important. A single estate tea is best. That’s when you are assured of its quality and you know how to prepare it.For a tea taster, the most crucial thing is the ability to discern and provide a solution to a cup of tea that’s not so good, in terms of plucking, manufacturing or blending.

What can one look forward to in your workshop at the 'Tea Festival India’?

I will be conducting a 'tea appreciation’ and a 'tea and chocolate pairing’ workshop, where people can taste as well. In the first one, I will be focussing on things like how to make a good infusion, the importance of water storage and its temperature, the kind of kettles and pots to be used for the preparation and also about storing tea. In the pairing session, there will be a surprise element of how a certain tea tastes with a certain kind of chocolate.