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Painting the city bright - Deccan Herald
Painting the city bright
Purti Sharma, March 14, 2017
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Art initiative: Painting was one of the activities organised in Dharwad to make the city look clean and tidy. PHOTOS BY: Author

We quite often exhibit our tendency to go on a vacation on Independence Day or Republic Day, especially if it is clubbed with a weekend. Interestingly, this year on Republic Day, people of Dharwad witnessed an exemplary event carried out with the concerted efforts of two civil society organisations, Evolve Lives Foundation (ELF) and Yuvathan.

In association with Hubballi-Dharwad City Corporation (HDMC) and Hubballi-Dharwad Action Force (HDAF), these two organisations invited students, artists and other enthusiasts of Hubballi and Dharwad to join hands to make the twin cities look clean and tidy.

The work, which was a part of their 'Colour My City’ campaign, was started a couple of days before Republic Day when about one kilometre-long stretch of the wall on both sides of Karnataka College Road in Dharwad was cleaned and whitewashed. On the Republic Day, the enthusiasm and festivity could be felt all around the designated area since morning. People from a wider cross-section of society gathered to paint the city 'walls’ with Warli Art. Every participant had selected a patch of the wall and was painting it with explicit dedication. The event started at 10 am and continued till 4 pm. By evening, designs with traditional Warli themes and motifs had decorated the walls.

The paintings in white colour, over a red ochre background, are a treasure of the tribal lore. The beautiful designs reflect the customs, culture and heritage of the Warli tribe. This event also gave an opportunity for the local artists to showcase their talent. At the event, Ottilie Anaban Kumar of ELF and Rohan Kamath of Yuvathan elucidated how such activities not only give a new look to the city, but also facilitate the coming together of youngsters for a social cause. These organisations have already put in efforts in this regard and started activities like planting and nurturing plants in public places, cleaning lakes and such other civic activities.

If we cannot lead or participate in such activities, we must at least appreciate, support and­ encourage them. This is because, such activities by motivated citizens and organisations make the cities look better and make them more liveable, assuring us that the future of our nation is still promising and bright.