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Book Rack
March 5, 2017
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Beneath A Rougher Sea

Aditya, a busy psychiatrist, knows the key to his success lies in remaining humane. Mending the minds of patients suffering from manic depression, hyper-sexuality and delusions, his stride falters when he meets a former lover. What happens when the psychiatrist himself needs healing?

The Odditorium
David Bramwell & Jo Keeling
Hachette, 2017, pp 245, Rs 599
Celebrating curiosity and adventure, The Odditorium explores the obsessions,
achievements and failures of lesser-known but utterly remarkable individuals who exemplify the human spirit through their stories of invention, trickery, subversion and survival.

Surender Mohan Pathak
Harper Collins, 2017, pp 337, Rs 299
A man with many faces and numerous names, Vimal was a convict fit to be recaptured and hanged. Now, after many years, he has decided to settle down as a family man. But his nemesis comes back from the grave to destroy him.

Numbers Do Lie
Aakash Chopra
Harper Collins, 2017, pp 337, Rs 350
Impact Index is a revolutionary new way of examining performances in cricket. It was created by Jaideep Varma, with Soham Sarkhel and Nikhil Narain. And within these pages are tales of cricketers who did not get their due, of rightful comparisons through eras etc.

Our Story Ends Here
Sara Naveed
Penguin, 2017, pp 324, Rs 199
Sarmad was trained as a terrorist to be ruthless. And Mehar is an army general’s daughter. After losing a loved one, she decides to go to the Swat valley with her college friends. Unwittingly, their paths cross and they are forced to stay together in the same room for 11 days.

Kissing the Demon
Amrita Kumar
Harper Collins, 2017, pp 247, Rs 350
If you’re an aspiring writer or a seasoned one, a writer of fiction or narrative non-fiction, this book hopes to help you navigate the maze of plot construction, narrative viewpoint, character development, dialogue creation and description, even while allowing your imagination to flow.

South Haven
Hirsh Sawhney
Harper Collins, 2017, pp 295, Rs 399
After his mother’s death, Siddharth Arora, who lives with his depressive father in New England suburb of South Haven, gravitates toward a group of bullies, drinking and smoking. But he gets a new lease of life when a woman enters his life.

Wisden India Almanack 2017
Edited by Suresh Menon
Bloomsbury, 2017, pp 860, Rs 699
This edition has essays from writers and those from other fields who are passionate about the sport, like the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella. The Almanack is actually four books in one: a volume of essays, a book of records, an annual of matches played, and a miscellany of unusual occurrences.