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West Indies Vs Pakistan, 1st Test Sabina Park,Kingston, Jamaica

West Indies 278/9 in 92.3 overs
Batsmen 278/9 ( 92.3 overs ) R B 4s 6s
Kraigg Brathwaite caught Younis Khan b Mohammad Abbas 0 5 0 0
Kieran Powell caught Younis Khan b Amir 33 71 2 0
Shimron Hetmyer bowled b Amir 11 20 0 0
Shai Hope bowled b Amir 2 21 0 0
Vishaul Singh caught Azhar Ali b Riaz 9 20 1 0
Roston Chase caught Riaz b Yasir Shah 63 151 7 1
Shane Dowrich bowled b Yasir Shah 56 130 9 0
Jason Holder batting 55 69 7 2
Devendra Bishoo caught Sarfraz b Amir 28 58 1 1
Alzarri Joseph bowled b Amir 0 6 0 0
Shannon Gabriel batting 4 4 1 0
Extras (b 0 lb 17 w 0 nb 0 p 0) 17
Total (9 wkts, 92.3 overs) 278
Bowling: Pakistan O M R W Nb Wd
Mohammad Amir 24.3 11 41 5 0 0
Mohammad Abbas 22 4 63 1 0 0
Wahab Riaz 22 5 66 1 0 0
Yasir Shah 24 5 91 2 0 0
Fall of Wickets
Wkt Batsmen Score(over)
1 Kraigg Brathwaite 1(1.2)
2 Shimron Hetmyer 24(8.2)
3 Shai Hope 32(12.6)
4 Vishaul Singh 53(19.4)
5 Kieran Powell 71(26.2)
6 Roston Chase 189(69.3)
7 Shane Dowrich 189(69.4)
8 Devendra Bishoo 264(88.5)
9 Alzarri Joseph 274(90.5)
0 15:42 Local Time, 20:42 GMT, 02:12 IST: The inevitable has happened. Play for day 2 has been called off. The dim weather permitted only 11.3 overs today but those were enough to fetch Amir a fifer. West Indies would want to add as many as possible but for that to happen, the rain has to stay away. We will have an half an hour early start tomorrow to compensate a little for the loss of overs today. See you then with all the action. Bye!
0 15:06 Local Time, 20:06 GMT, 01:36 IST: Stumps have been uprooted. No, West Indies are not all-out. It is the rain that has arrived. Stay tuned though
92.3 Amir to Gabriel, no run, shortish just outside off. Gabriel lets it go with a drop of wrists
92.2 Amir to Gabriel, no run, angles in on the pad, hits the flap. But was always going to slide down so no appeal
92.1 Amir to Gabriel, FOUR, that is why I love no.11s. Uncomplicated, crude and effective. Full ball and Gabriel cracks the drive past mid-off
0 Bit of a drizzle. Light metres are out too. Floodlights have been lit
91.6 Riaz to Holder, no run, well outside off. Lets it go
91.5 Riaz to Holder, no run, proper T20 shot. Does not come off good. Cleared his front leg and had a flat swing at it, more like a tennis forehand. Beaten
91.4 Riaz to Holder, no run, gets across in the crease with intentions different than he eventually ended up doing - that is to defend back to the bowler
91.3 Riaz to Holder, no run, full ball on off. Holder kills it into the pitch
91.2 Riaz to Holder, no run, defended from the crease to the off-side
91.1 Riaz to Holder, no run, starts with a decent length ball. Defended towards the on-side
0 Wahab Riaz [21.0-4-66-1] is back into the attack
90.6 Amir to Gabriel, no run, appeal for an lbw again even as Gabriel misses the defence. But the bounce on it was going to take it over the stumps
0 Shannon Gabriel, right handed bat, comes to the crease
90.5 Amir to Alzarri Joseph, out Bowled!! Fifer for Amir. Kisses the ground. Fist pumps and all that jazz. Hit the length on off and Alzarri Joseph swung across the line, only to miss and see his stumps get shattered. Alzarri Joseph b Amir 0(6)
0 Amir to Alzarri Joseph, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!
90.4 Amir to Alzarri Joseph, no run, swings across the line and finds mid-wicket on the bounce
90.3 Amir to Alzarri Joseph, no run, appeal! Review? No. Misbah thinks for a while and decides the case was not strong enough. Alzarri Joseph had missed the flick and was rapped on the pads. But the ball was tailing in too much
0 When Holder lofted Abbas for a six in the previous over, he brought up his fifty. Forgot to mention that
90.2 Amir to Alzarri Joseph, no run, short ball. Alzarri Joseph sits under it
90.1 Amir to Alzarri Joseph, no run, full ball. Alzarri Joseph keeps it out - somehow - towards the slip cordon
89.6 Mohammad Abbas to Holder, no run, bouncer again. Holder lets it go
89.5 Mohammad Abbas to Holder, no run, short ball. Holder goes for the pull and fails to get any bat to that
89.4 Mohammad Abbas to Holder, FOUR, plays it late and close to his body. Opens the face of the bat at the last moment and guides to the third man fence
89.3 Mohammad Abbas to Holder, SIX, length delivery around off and the next sight I have of it is when it has crossed the long-off fence. Holder threw the kitchen sink and fetched the maximum
89.2 Mohammad Abbas to Holder, no run, on a length on off and middle. Holder defends towards mid-off
89.1 Mohammad Abbas to Holder, no run, fuller length delivery outside off. Holder does not bother with it
88.6 Amir to Alzarri Joseph, no run, back of a length delivery around off. Alzarri Joseph defends towards the off-side
0 Alzarri Joseph, right handed bat, comes to the crease
88.5 Amir to Devendra Bishoo, out Caught by Sarfraz!! Finally. Devendra Bishoo is gone. He was flirting for a while now. This time gets caught. The delivery was well wide of off, was full as well. Devendra Bishoo did not use his feet and ended up edging to the man with the gloves. Devendra Bishoo c Sarfraz b Amir 28(58) [4s-1 6s-1]
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